Thursday, August 13, 2015

A week of WCC work

Before I joined the board of the WCC I, too, may have been a naysayer.  Saying things like: Why doesn't the WCC do something bad neighbor, the esplanades needing mowing, the pothole in the street. the flooding at the corner, etc. Who knew how much work it takes to get anything accomplished? 

When Melissa was Communications she thought people might want to know what the WCC did on a regular basis.  I haven't blogged in three years!  Why?  Honestly there is just not enough time as either it is time to write Crier articles or there is a crisis of some sort.   But I am going to try to post at least a weekly.

The week of August 10th looked like an easy week as summer months are usually slower due to vacation schedules.  But it didn't turn out that way!

Saturday was Cool down with the Constables at Westbury Park.  We gave away all 65 Honey Sno cones.  It was a nice event and everyone enjoyed meeting the deputies who patrol Westbury. Two groups of kids from Westbury Baptist were out cleaning up our parks.

Monday Cindy Chapman and I were invited to participate in a bus tour of the area zoned to Westbury High School to introduce the new teachers and staff to the area that their students call home. I stopped at the WCC office on my way to work to grab some handouts and some Criers and worked until 1PM then I headed to pick up Cindy and she and I arrived at WHS.  It was the teachers first day of school with the new principal, Susan Monaghan, at the helm.  The school looked great; it was freshly painted; the floors gleamed; the toilets were clean; new plantings had been done and there was a library full on enthusiastic teachers ready to seize the say! I met Craig Zeno, the At Risk/Truancy officer and was so impressed with his dedication.  I am looking forward to working with WHS this year and I hope many of our residents will too.  Next week there is another Project Advisory (PAT) meeting to see the plans for the new school build.

After going on the tour, Cindy and I then headed downtown to the Super Neighborhood Alliance meeting, where Cindy is the Secretary and I am a member by virtue of my co-presidency with her in the Westbury Super Neighborhood.  Mayoral candidates Adrian Garcia and Bill King were the speakers and the General Plan was presented by the planning dept.

Tuesday: Went to the WCC office to interview candidates for a second part time  employee.  Looked at some additional space in our building that would be really nice to have. Drove through PW3 and W3 where the flooding had occurred to see how things were progressing and to check on some red tags that had been reported.  Made it to work by noon and then left for a 6 PM Board meeting for the Friends of Levitt Pavilion.

Wednesday: A large water main break occurred on Ashcroft and Ludington and I spent 20 minutes on the phone with 311 and someone was finally dispatched.  Took a few phone calls on various issues.

Thursday:  There is a trail meeting tonight.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  Working on Crier articles and agenda for next weeks WCC meeting